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Emma Fast Hair is revolutionary because it is made from modern high resistant fibre which can be heated to up to 180°C. Emma Fast Hair can be straightened, curled, waved or simply attached as they are!
(Please note Hair Straightners without a temperature heat control mode should be not used.  Fast Hair products cannot be heated over 180°C.)

Cutting / Texturising

  • Use razor – will blend in better


  • Wash with shampoo and conditioner, shake and lay on a clean dry towel until dry.
  • If it becomes matted after prolonged use – soak in fabric softener, rinse and dry as per above.


  • Use our recommended 9557 Hair Extension brush for optimum finish and quality with the Fast Hair or a wide tooth comb
  • Lay hair on table or surface and brush against surface,
  • DO NOT HANG to brush.


Heated Rollers:
  • Heat rollers, put in hair and leave until cold
  • (if the hair is not curling successfully, wash and dry (to get out any manufacturing ‘dressing’) then curl with the heated rollers.
Curling Tongs
  • Start from the ends and wind hair evenly across the barrel of the tong, making sure the ends are tucked  in, hold in place for 2-3 seconds.  
  • Open tong and drop hair into palm of hand in curl shape. Hold for 20-30 seconds until cool.
  • Do not let hair drop while hot as this will not allow curl to set.
Other methods
  • Hot Stix can also be used
  • Braid the hair, spray with hair spray or conditioning spray then run the straightening iron down the braid (Wahl Cutek Ceramic Straightener has been used successfully. Please be aware of the temperature – 180 degrees is the recommended heat. Use ceramic straightening irons only.)
  • Curl up the hair with long fringe pins for a tight curl, grip each pin of hair with the straightner after spraying with hair spray or conditioning spray

Up Do’s

  • Put the pieces in upside down so that the hair is facing the correct way to start the work.

Greasy Feeling

  • If the fast hair feels a little ‘greasy’ to the touch, a sprinkling of talcum powder brushed or rubbed through should eliminate this.


  • Be aware that most perfumes have alcohol in them and a direct spray of perfume onto the Fast Hair will “shrivel” the hair.
  • DO NOT spray alcohol based product directly at / onto the Emma Fast Hair.


For our exclusive ranges of quality salon and beauty supplies. Because we deal direct with the manufacturer so you can buy with confidence knowing products are backed up with solid warrantees and enjoy real personal aftercare service by an experienced team. Because of the option of using our retail section to bring professonal products to the wider public at great prices.

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